Avoid constant exposure to high temperatures. Place the withe side of the sled faceing upwards when it´s out of the water.

Right way to transport








Do not stack sleds they get damaged

Quick tips

Side elastic adjustment to adjust the sled according to the jetsky design.

If a gap is found in the vinyl covering, easily patch it up with the sunset repair kit. in case of emergencies use 3M duct tape.

If you rest your board on an uneven surface, that will disappear later.


How do you know if water has entered?
Your board is factory sealed and normally no water will ever get inside the foam, however, sharp nails or fin cuts can put a hole in the vinyl covering.
If your board feels heavy and you want to know if there is water inside the vinyl covering, lift your board tip up for about 2 to 10 minutes.
Then if you notice a small pocket forming in the tail near the string stopper, which you can feel containing water by squeezing it with your finger, drain it through the Drain screw.

Removes water
Unscrew the Drain drain screw with the Sunset wrench or a coin and drain as much water as possible for a few minutes or better yet for 24 hours.
Then remember to place and tighten the Drain screw
NOTE: The internal foam (X-EPS foam) does not absorb water and it is a great advantage to be able to remove water quickly, however holes in the vinyl deck that are NOT repaired on the spot will cause the board to take on weight over time.

If there are hidden leaks we recommend the following inspection:

First clean the entire board by removing the wax and sand with a plastic spatula or special Surf comb, then with a cloth dampened with benzine or similar, clean the vinyl cover by thoroughly checking the entire board (use a magnifying glass if necessary), marking with a “tape” the points where there could be water leaks:

The most common holes are:

  1. Both sides of the board; front (deck), back (bottom) by nail or keel cutting
  2. Check tightness of Drain screw

The least common holes are:

  1. Internal tip and glue seal and edges all around the board
  2. Keel seals and rope plug
  3. Recess under the Grip, wax or Handle
  4. Air valve

A very practical way to know if a hole is leaking is to absorb the possible hole with your mouth.


Once the hole in the vinyl is located, use the Sunset repair kit to plug the hole.
Pierce the nozzle of the Cleaner nozzle with the included pin. Avoid getting drops of Cleaner and Glue on the patch design, board logo or EPS foam as they will damage these parts.
In emergencies you can use 3M Duct tape or similar or PVC stickers.
NOTE: When you do not have Sunset Glue and Cleaner, these are available where they sell Polyurethane glue for shoes or in 2nd option in a good hardware store for PVC pipe use, you must choose the best quality. If the Cleaner is not available you can use a No. 200 sandpaper for wood.

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